At Third Eye Travel, we are very enthusiastic about Tibet; for years we looked at the Himalayan peaks and could only dream of what lay beyond. Since Lhasa was first opened to tourists in 1981 we at Third Eye Travel have been ac­tively running trips into Tibet in association with our local Tibetan partners in Lhasa. The road to Lhasa from Kathmandu was opened to tour groups in 1984 and whole new type of trip became possible . Tibet’s capital. Lhasa, ..[Read More]
tibet-nepal-Bhutan If you feel adventurous and want to cover Tibet, Nepal and Bhutan at once, this is a perfect trip for you. Starting from Chengdu, China, you'll fly to the eastern Himalayas to the mystical Tibetan capital of Lhasa. In Tibet, not only do you see Lhasa, you will also explore around historical monumental places like Tsetang, Xigatse & Gyangtse. In Kathmandu, just in the vicinity of the Kathmandu valley alone, there are seven UNESCO designated World Heritage Sites, within a .. [Read More]
kailash-trou The ultimate Tibet Trip ! Not only does this trip involvs overland drives, it also involves the trekking around Kailash on foot from west to east before you eventually drive out to Kathmandu. You will fly from Chengdu to Lhasa where you will have the sightseeing tours of some of the beautiful monasteries. You will begin your journey from Lhasa to Darchen via Shigatse & Saga, then begin your trek around Mt. Kailash. Upon completion of this circuit you will drive .. [Read More]
ganden-samye-trek The Ganden to Samye trek route has proved to be one of the most captivating of all Tibetan treks with rich variety of scenery from high snowy passes to lush alpine meadows to the desert like environs of the Samye monastery. There are secluded valleys inhabited by nomads and yaks. This pilgrimage route is well-used by Tibetans who combine a visit to Ganden, The principal monastery of yellow hat sect with a hard but reasonably direct walk to Samye , the .. [Read More]