Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka also known as the emerald Isle boasts of a culture and heritage dating back over 2500 years. This small island in the Indian Ocean offers 66,000sq km of beaches, rainforest, villages, ruined cities, wildlife and is home to numerous UN World Heritage Sites and exotic cuisine. Experience the best of Sri Lankan culture and heritage and not forgetting its people known for their genuine warmth and hospitality


The Island of Sri Lanka or Ceylon, as it was known till 1972, is situated off the south eastern tip of the Indian subcontinent between the longitudes 80 and 82 degrees east and the latitudes 6 and 10 degrees north. Its maximum length is 432 kilometers from north to south and its maximum width is 224 kilometers from east to west; it has an area of 65,525 square kilometers. Its exclusive maritime economic zone extends over an area of 517,400 square kilometers of Indian ocean.

Sri Lanka posses some of the wonderful beaches, beautiful mountains, lush green forests, exciting wildlife and ancient history.