Trekking in TIBET
amney-machen-trek Amnye Machen (6282m / 20,605) is one of the four main holy mountains of Tibet along with Kailash, Gongga and Meili Xue. The mountain is located at Amdo which symbolizes Amdo and the northern region of Tibet. The 7 days trek around the mountain offers the great scenery The trip begins with the flight to Chengdu, travels to Barkham, Aba, Dari and Sanchakou before starting trek around the mountain. There are five main summits, among them the highest is 20600 ft. .. [Read More]
ganden-samye-trek The Ganden to Samye trek route has proved to be one of the most captivating of all Tibetan treks with rich variety of scenery from high snowy passes to lush alpine meadows to the desert like environs of the Samye monastery. There are secluded valleys inhabited by nomads and yaks. This pilgrimage route is well-used by Tibetans who combine a visit to Ganden, the principal monastery of yellow hat sect with a hard but reasonably direct walk to Samye , the .. [Read More]
kailash-trou The ultimate TibetTrip! Not only does this trip involve anoverlandscenic drive toMt. Kailash from Lhasa, it also involves the trekking around Mt. Kailash on foot from west to east before you return to Lhasa. Your trip begins with an arrival in Chengdu. You will then fly from Chengdu to Lhasa where you will have the sightseeing tours of some of the world famous monuments including the iconicPotala Palace. You will continue your journey from Lhasa to Darchen via Shigatse & Saga, .. [Read More]
saga-dawa-festival-kailash-tibet The SAGA DAWA is one of the most important and cherishable Tibetan Buddhist festivals, held each year on the full moon day of the fourth lunar month of the Tibetan calendar, to celebrate Sakyamuni's enlightenment. This exciting trip is for anyone who has dreamed of visiting the land of the Tibetan people and standing within sight of Mt. Kailash. Buddhist and Hindus consider Mt. Kailash as their sacred land. The mountain is known as the throne of "Shiva", a powerful God .. [Read More]