druk-path-trek This trip allows you to enjoy the daily lives of friendly Bhutanese people by visiting villages, temples, monasteries, and gigantic fortresses. It gives you a chance to meet people, enjoy the pristine forest with rare glimpse of wildlife and observe the ancient old traditions of arts and crafts. Begin the trip from Paro Valley with the sightseeing tour around Paro Valley and a full day excursion to the Tiger’s Nest locally known as Taktshang Gompa, this incredible monastery clings to the .. [Read More]
haa-valley-trek This 3 day trek trail was used in the olden days by Haa people to travel to Paro during planting season of rice. In exchange, they were given red rice by the people of Paro. The trek is easy, passing through several villages in the Haa Valley and dense forest on the Paro side. The ascent is on good trail through forest and meadows, however the descent is on a steeper trail with loose boulders, so be careful. The views of .. [Read More]
laya-lingshi-trek This 17-day trek, though rigorous is quite popular because it traverses a great cross section of Bhutan as it winds from the Paro valley in Bhutanese middle hills, up to Laya and Lingshi in Northwest Bhutan which are situated above 13000 feet. This is off the beaten trail, not many trekkers take this way into Laya, though one of the most culturally and ecologically pristine regions in the long arc of the Himalaya. The scenery along the way, passing the elegant .. [Read More]
gankar-puensum-trek Trekking through the northern regions of Bumthang valley will bring you at the foot of the majestic Mount Gangkar Puensum, Bhutan’s highest mountain. At 24,741 feet, this ice-draped giant is the highest unclimbed peak in the world (and will remain so, since the Bhutanese declared it off limits to climbers). This exhilarating 10 days trek through soaring spruce forests and up over High Mountain passes festooned with Buddhist prayer flags. En rout,e you will witness the best of Bhutan’s Himalayan grandeur, .. [Read More]
jomolhari-trek Bhutan is a trekking paradise, situated between two huge neighbours and rising from the lower plains and rising over 7000m to the north. Among several choices of high altitude treks, this is one of the most beautiful and popular trek is the Jumolhari trek. This is a moderate trek with the stunning views of the Mt. Jhomolari, as youcross several high passes and beautiful lakes. You will also be visiting many historical monuments in Thimphu and Paro. .. [Read More]