Instant Bhutan 6 days

This short trip to Bhutan, is one of those trips that is designed to give you an introduction to Bhutan. If you are already in the region, and do not have enough time to take a longer trip, then this is for you.

Starting at Paro, you will enjoy the scenic drive along with magnificent monasteries and Stupas in the valley and snow capped mountains.

Besides exploring Paro and Thimpu, you will also visit Punakha, which was winter capital for over 300 years. This 6 days trip to Bhutan is a unique opportunity to experience Himalayan Buddhist culture uninfluenced by the outside world.


Tourist must have a valid passport to visit Bhutan. We will apply for your visa. We need  a color copy of your passport and US$ 40.00 visa fee, along with the tour payment. No photo is required for the visa at this time. 

Your visa will be issued only 2-3 weeks prior to the arrival in Bhutan.  Once issued, we will email it to you.  You need to show the visa copy at the time of check in for the flight to Paro, bhutan.